Blood Alcohol Content BAC: What It Is & Levels

Alcohol is a generic term for ethanol, which is a particular type of alcohol produced by the fermentation of many foodstuffs – most commonly barley, hops, and grapes. A person should consider getting a ride home if they intend to drink two or more drinks. Slight impairment of balance, speech, vision, reaction time, and hearing, euphoria. If a person does not want to stop drinking or is not yet ready to quit, there are still ways they can stay safe while drinking.

They may experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms if they abruptly abstain from drinking. In these cases, a person needs to consult a doctor to determine how to best treat their AUD. An alcohol overdose occurs when a person has so much alcohol in their bloodstream that certain bodily functions may begin to shut down.

Impact on your health

However, it’s harder for a prosecutor to prove their case if your BAC was not tested or if you were below the allowable amount. Rapid drinking can bring BAC so high that mental and physical functions are negatively affected. If BAC is high enough, it can impair physical functions such as breathing and the gag reflex (that prevents people from choking. People are at a high risk of alcohol poisoning if they consume 12 or more units of alcohol, especially in a short space of time. This is equivalent to just under 6 medium glasses of wine, or around 7 bottles of 5% beer.

Planning ahead for designated drivers, keeping track of your alcohol intake, and finding ways to drink less can all help make your nights out safer. When it comes to driving, most U.S. states place the legal limit at 0.08% BAC (0.08 grams of alcohol per deciliter of blood), but alcohol doesn’t wait for 0.08% before it affects your functioning. As the current science has only been conducted on cisgender males and females, transgender or intersex individuals may be safer following the most conservative recommendations for their weight range. Christy Bieber is a personal finance and legal writer with more than a decade of experience. She earned her JD from UCLA School of Law and was an adjunct professor at the start of her career, teaching paralegal studies and related courses. In addition to writing for the web, she has also designed educational courses and written textbooks focused on a variety of legal subjects.

How long does an alcohol blood test take to get results?

This means for every 100 mL of blood, there are 0.08 grams of alcohol. Too high for driving, for example, is stages of alcohol intoxication a number regulated by your state. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive if you’re below those numbers.

alcohol intoxication levels

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