6 reasons to love your shortcomings

In relations with other people, we are used to showing our best sides. That is why the beginning of love, business or friendly relations at first very rosy and cloudless. But then the disadvantages also appear with an “unpleasant surprise”. Isn’t it better to be yourself right away? And the first step is to love all your characteristics ourselves.

Some people have been hiding their shortcomings for years, afraid that they can be disappointed or completely turn away in them. After all, no one has desire to show their own

Certains couples se désintègrent toutefois immédiatement après la réalisation du spectacle, ravi des rumeurs sur “juste une piara” (par exemple, Blake Liveli a rompu avec Penno Badglie quelques mois après la finale “Gossip”). D’autres syndicats, au contraire, restent forts, même si cela n’existe plus à l’écran. Dans notre galerie de francais pharmacie – les couples les plus célèbres des émissions de télévision, qui ont transféré les sentiments tremblants de leurs héros à leur propre vie et ont conservé leur luminosité.

imperfections and a badness of character – no one wants to frighten off a new friend.

But, abandoning them, you are trying to be what you are not, creating a fake world around you. The world of those people who initially found out not you, but only your best demo version, which is only partly related to you.

What happens if you hide your shortcomings

Non -recognition of their own imperfections provokes a number of circumstances that do not affect you and your life in the best way.

You are struggling with them (hide), which means that you make a lot of effort, and your energy leaves all the time.

You do not recognize them, which means that you abandon a part of yourself – from who you are actually.

You make efforts to hide them, instead of turning them into your strengths or diversify them into a useful resource.

Knowing your shortcomings and recognizing them, you automatically become stronger! After all, you were not pointed to them, they did not catch weakness, and you yourself know the problem, and the fight against them deprives you of such a privilege.

Disadvantages or just features?

It is worth analyzing the qualities that you consider with your shortcomings.

Are they really shortcomings or were they told you about it, inspired this thought?

What can you lose if the people from whom you hide will learn about them?

Are they so important for you if they are not ready to accept you as you are?

It is very important to say that initially it should not seem to be what you are not. In any field, whether it be work, love, family, friendship. The resource will end one way or another.

You agree to the game, which you yourself will be tired of playing, because you initially demonstrated qualities that you do not have

And according to these rules you will have to play to the end, and sooner or later it breaks where it is subtle. Therefore, it is better at the very beginning to lose communication with a person than to tie him and get attached yourself and ultimately still painfully say goodbye.

There are no imperfect people, which means to strive for ideality and be like “accepted and convenient for society,” – initially a losing undertaking. Therefore, it is so important to accept all your qualities, treat with understanding and love for yourself, and not tear out with the root, much less hide them.

Reasons to love your shortcomings

They can be your strength, and competent management can bring you to a completely different standard of living.

People are all different, you should not fit the standards, you are unique in your kind, there are no more people on earth, be proud of this.

This will help you realistically look at yourself and know what you need to work with, and not run away from problems by hiding them.

Not hiding your shortcomings, you introduce people to the true people, which means that you live in real life, without fictional characters, and your relationship will be honest. It will be easier for you from what you do not need to adapt to someone or be someone else, but not by yourself.

Your dissimilarity can become your highlight and a visiting card, and not the reason for the constraint.

Knowing its shortcomings can serve as an incentive for the development of other qualities or improving existing.

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